Cortona Leuta 2,618 Cabernet Franc – Best of Best!

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Recently a well known wine -o-phile in Italy, Alessandro Rossi, put together a group of winemakers, wine lovers, wine writers and wine experts to blind taste 9 of the best Cabernet Francs from Tuscany.  Only one of the wines was from the Cortona D.O.C. area. (important to note since I’m blatantly for home team Cortona D.O.C.!)

The end result, Leuta rated 95/100 for the win.

It’s no secret I’m a Leuta fan and I am always proclaiming that it is just a matter of time before they are are “discovered” by the rest of the wine world.  Their 2,618 Cabernet Franc is one of my absolute favorite wines and even our local wineshop/wine expert Marco Molesini is saying Leuta has the best Cabernet Franc in Italy and is the most undervalued/good buy.  I think of it as pure masculine velvetyness in a bottle that just satisfies every craving I have for a full-bodied well-balanced wine.


I’ve included Alessandro Rossi’s tasting notes for the Leuta Cabernet Franc 2009 below, but I highly suggest reading the entire article I Cabernet Franc Toscani as the other Cabernet Francs included in the tasting also rated quite highly.  The article is in Italian but can easily be translated to English using your web browser.

Leuta – 2.618 Cabernet Franc 2009

In this wine the slight initial reduction makes it even more fascinating tasting the first impact.

A very elegant wine, you can appreciate the woody notes, sulfur, tobacco, black pepper and licorice.

A wine explosive in his plots and in its composition, very deep and very long during tasting, intense, complex and with a great architecture that supports it.

The closure is very linear, thin, sharp, and very persistent.

Score:   95/100

Ageing: in French oak barrels for 12 months with different characteristics in terms of texture and seasoning.