10/25/2012 Wine Tasting Dinner Cortona!

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Il Pino BisernoThis Thursday night, October 25, 2012, is our last “degustazione” (wine tasting) dinner of the season!  At this point the dinner is over-booked although they are wait-listing people in case there are cancelations.  I’ve heard through my peeps that there are a few special surprises in store for those attending and Osteria del Teatro, plans to go quite over the top for the dinner.

The winery featured for this last great tasting is an amazing one from Tuscany, the Maremma, Biserno.

I had the opportunity to try the Il Pino earlier this year with some visiting wine enthusiasts.  It was AMAZING!!  A blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot it has flavors that don’t stop including the lovely smokey caramel that I find typical from Maremma Cabernet.  This wine is so amazingly yummy I’m not sure I can wait a few more days to taste it and I’ll be working the charm at the tasting to make sure I taste it well!

Just in case that wasn’t enough to draw you in, the menu is rumored to be over the top and if you’ve ever had dinner with Osteria del Teatro, their normal dishes are pretty elaborate so I can’t imagine what they have in store.

This is gonna be a good one!  Here’s the nitty gritty with tasting in front of the Molesini wine shop in the piazza from 5-7:30, then dinner at the restaurant.  Try not to drool in the meantime.

Biserno Wine Tasting