A new Cortona Syrah!

Posted by on October 20, 2012 in Cortona, The Wine-Diva Blog | 0 comments

I had the first look and taste of one of the newest Cortona Syrahs to be released, Cantina Faralli’s Cortona Syrah.

Cantina Faralli has been talking about this Syrah for some time.  In fact over the past year or so they’ve been using some of the non-aged Syrah as a blend in their normal rosso/vino sfuso (bulk sold table wine) and it was really good.  I couldn’t wait to taste the Syrah that had been aging for the past 8 months in new French barrels!

They had been hoping to use a burgundy style bottle but the inserts for their small bottling line never arrived so for this vintage they used their normal bordeaux bottle.

The label features artwork by Rudy Pulcinelli who also is featured on their Merlot bottle as well.

I had a chance to taste the Syrah after the barrels were blending as it was sitting, resting, waiting to be bottled.  It definitely will need a little time but right off the bat I could smell the jammy dark fruit marmalade nose I get from Syrahs.  In the mouth there were tanins, tobacco a little vanilla and red fruits although I would need to decant it for hours right now to really get some true flavors.  I think it is going to be really good AND for the price point being estimated at about 9-11 Euro a bottle.

The Cantina Faralli Cortona Syrah was bottled just 10 days ago so it will need some resting time in the bottle before it is ready, but from what I’ve tasted I think it is going to be a welcome addition to our amazing Cortona Syrahs!