Strada dei Vini Cortona in Copenhagen!

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IMG_4287The city of Copenhagen was host to a very special group, our very own Strada dei Vini Cortona on the the 1st and 2nd of March!

The local newspaper Politiken spread the word and more than 1500 tickets were sold in advance for the two day event.  I think that probably at least a good 200o people attended.



The space was ultra modern with the theme being wine, Cortona products and tourism.  Of course most people were there for the wine.

Not all the Cortona wineries could make the event but there was a quality representation from Leuta, Fabrizio Dionisio, Il FittO, Stefania Mezzetti, Gianonni Fabbri, and Tenimenti d’Alessandro to name a few, also including the chef from Avignonesi who used Cortona grown products to make some savory Tuscan dishes for everyone to sample.

I had come to the event to visit briefly with some of the wineries and spend a little time with my muse, Denis Zeni from Leuta.  I quickly learned how much the Danish like wine, and ended up staying through the entire event/day to help out.

Unfortunately for the Cortona producers there weren’t a lot of buyers and probably too many drinkers, the event was pretty slammed.  I took over pouring tastes for Leuta to give Denis a break and saw first hand most attendees were not that interested in the particulars of the wine and just wanted to imbibe, although I think that was because of the way the event was marketed.  Hopefully the Cortona group was able to make at least a few good contacts there, at 15 Euro a ticket, someone made a killing from this event and it wasn’t the producers.

Here are some scenes from the afternoon as the Strada dei Vini Cortona took over Copenhagen, if you look hard you may even spot yours truly …

IMG_4285 IMG_4299 IMG_4282 IMG_4283 IMG_4284 IMG_4313 IMG_4322 IMG_4320IMG_4329 IMG_4327 IMG_4291 IMG_4316