Wine-a-plenty at Expo 2015!

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Have no fear, there is a ton of wine to try at Expo 2015 in Milano!!! The hubby and I just spent two quality days at the Expo and I am happy to report the following if you are there looking for wine!


Wine find of all wine finds is the “Vino A Taste of Italy” located in Italy’s giant section smack dab in the middle of the Expo just off the main drag. 2015-05-23 20.53.04


Unless you are blind, you can’t miss it. And if you like wine, it is like a giant homing beacon drawing you in.

2015-05-23 20.53.31


1300 wines available to try? So of course we went in…

2015-05-23 20.55.04



This was just the entryway…

2015-05-23 20.54.37


For a mere 10 Euro, you get a glass and three tastes!

2015-05-23 20.56.06

But what to try with 1300 choices???

2015-05-23 20.56.56

2015-05-23 20.59.33

Luckily, there are quite a few sommeliers on staff in many of the different sections ready to help those who ask.

2015-05-23 21.08.39

Although, if you were sure of what you wanted, it was fairly easy to figure out how to serve yourself.

2015-05-23 21.09.28

There was one special section with some of the top wines and I was pretty happy with my samples…

2015-05-23 21.20.21

2015-05-23 21.30.01

…and yes, I’ll be back! 1297 more wines to try!!!